Millennium Cabaret is launching new locations nation wide! Become part of World Class Entertainment!  We also buy clubs and participate in joint ownership licensee/management arrangements with existing club owners.

We have the ability to purchase all of your clubs interest or buy a portion of it, whichever you decide. We have an efficient operating system that is proven to earn you more money, and we have a solid, experienced management team to move clubs into profitability in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you are interested in turning your existing club into a Millennium Cabaret, then a


license agreement can also be created for you. With over 20 years experience in operating adult nightclubs, we are here to answer any questions you may have about becoming part of the new generation of World Class Entertainment!

Being part of the Millennium Cabaret brand, you will benefit from the following unmatched club system:

  • Strategic Marketing Programs 
  • On site extensive Training Program 
  • In-House Graphic and Web Design 
  • Exclusive SMS VIP Party Program
  • Advertising Start—Up for the Grand Opening Event
  • The Nation’s Most comprehensive Independent Contractor Program